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Chris Whelan is an organisational transformation and change specialist with 20+ years’ international experience advising and learning with executive teams and boards.  He is a certified Business and Executive Coach and brings demonstrated capability navigating change and transformation - Read more.


“Chris is a supportive and dynamic coach. His energy, intellect and optimism shine through in formal and informal relationships. He takes genuine interest in other people's development, offering insight and clarity that one rarely achieves by themselves. I recommend Chris as a Coach for individuals, teams or business. His authentic curiosity and passion for developing others delivers results.” – Ellie Pietsch, Transformation Specialist (Global Consulting Firm)

“Chris and I worked together…I could always rely on his strategic advice and leadership as we drove the project to completion. He has a visionary approach to situations…He drives for results and is tireless in his commitment to positive and transformative outcomes. He has the ability to convene people around Big Ideas. He also has a wicked sense of humour, and the ability to keep teams energized!” – Alayne Reesberg, Senior Communications Manager, Microsoft Corporation

 “I can highly recommend Chris, with whom I worked closely in his role as Asia-Pacific CKO at Ernst & Young. Chris is a trusted leader who was able to focus a large, complex and diverse team of people towards a common strategic vision. Chris' tenure as Asia-Pac CKO left us with several tangible process improvements and a strong team morale, and I would welcome an opportunity to work with him again in the future.” – Caroline McClelland, Business Performance Manager, The Royal Women’s Hospital

"Chris did very well to bring together disparate cultures and teams across four entities, transforming the business and laying strong foundations for achieving a very good return on the shareholder's investments. Whilst he left to resume his management consulting career, I'm very pleased that he retains a keen interest in the well-being of Wellington city and region. Chris' skills, deep personal integrity and ability to engage across diverse stakeholders stand him in good stead."Chris Laidlaw, former Chairperson, GWRC

“Over the past few months Chris has been coaching our building company. When everything felt like it was going wrong Chris was a calm and steady presence guiding us. Chris has great ideas that we have built on and personalised for our Business. It has given me a new insight into the workings of our company and I’m excited to reach our goals. I would highly recommend Chris as a Business Coach.” – Anne Grantham, Managing Director, Grantham Builders

“Chris is a passionate guy, fully committed to his clients and has a hunger to find new solutions to emerging challenges and needs they may face.” Colin Habberton, Co-founder and Director, Relativ Group

“Chris brings his foresight and wealth of business experience to coaching. This rich foundation in advising and coaching helps lift the game of both businesses and individuals being coached. He shared his lateral thinking, strategic and problem solving skills in our coaching sessions, to see things from a fresh perspective and re-engage my personal power” – Hayley Morris, Transformation and Technology Risk specialist, ACC

"In transforming WREDA, Chris allowed his successor to pick up the day-to-day running of the organisation with the 'heavy lifting' complete. His point of difference might well be his willingness to try things - best endeavours in the interests of delivering an organisation’s vision, willingness to engage shareholders and stakeholders in a collaborative process where equals share the development of a plan with Chris taking responsibility for delivering. What stands out though, is his empathy, compassion, influence and openness with a genuinely collaborative approach".– Kaine Thompson, former Chief of Staff, WCC

“Chris has a wealth of business experience from detailed process execution to strategy definition and implementation. He also has a sublime skill in taking complex business issues and breaking them down into simple logical components and can articulate these to all levels of the organisation. This ensures there is senior buy-in to drive implementation and provides the executors with sufficient understanding to be able to action and deliver the expected benefits.” – David Petzer, Finance Director



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