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Case Studies

Organisational Transformation Program - Global Resources Client

Chris led and managed the Capability Development stream for the client's global program to transform their operating functions.  He worked with a distributed team of Change Leaders across Finance, IT, HR, External Affairs, Commercial, et al to measure, assess and articulate change leadership capability.  Chris worked through the three 'lenses' of change (capability of leaders, impact of the change and internal adoption) to understand the change risks, to mitigate these together with the client team and to develop a clear Change Strategy.  This included delivering 1:1 and team-based change leadership coaching to grow internal capability across offices in Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, the US and Chile, guiding leaders in delivering the transformation program.

Organisational Amalgamation and Establishment - Economic Development Agency

As the inaugural Chief Executive of a regional economic development agency, Chris successfully merged four disparate organisations into a cohesive corporate entity, established the organisational structure and operating model to support the team and delivered ongoing efficiencies to enable resources to be effectively deployed in service of regional growth. Key outcomes achieved included a refreshed governance environment (across the merged entity), foundations for a high-performance culture and prioritised savings and reinvestment across city and regional entities.

Long-term Vision Articulation - Business Leadership Group

Chris served on the Steering Committee of the pre-eminent business leadership group’s regional economic development 25-year planning team. He facilitated strategic conversations over the course of the program around matters affecting business and investment attraction, retention and growth in the region. Chris worked to articulate the vision for the city region. The work deliberately took a long-term view and engaged over 450 business, government, academic and civil society leaders. Through a series of facilitated workshops, intensive research and ongoing synthesis of ideas using futures thinking tools and methodologies a macro agenda for the city region was articulated, informed and socialized. The success of the initiative can be seen in the ongoing policy positions of local and regional government and the relative prosperity of the city region in the South African context.

Client Strategy Facilitation - Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Designed and facilitated a two-day Accelerated Simulation Exercise as part of the organisation’s long-term strategic planning process. This included all research, planning and programme management, as well as capturing and articulating outputs and solutions identified. Steered the team to articulate innovative Points of View across all functional areas – Product, Consumer Experience, Supply Chain, Identity, People and Business Model. Chris provided the executive leadership with the right context and stimuli so they could position the business for the future and work out how to get there and enabled the leadership group to understand the likelihood of a range of possible futures approaching. He supported them to develop a coherent vision and set of objectives for different parts of the business and devised strategies to achieve them. Over the following several years, operations across all functional areas were re-shaped to reflect the engagement’s recommendations. Because of this engagement, the client maintained margin, gained public trust and energised internal resources in a mature market.




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