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Group Coaching

Grow Revenues and Profits

Action CLUB

In ActionCLUB, members will work with an ActionCOACH and other like-minded entrepreneurs in a group setting learning all the best business practices and how to grow their revenues and profits.

ActionCLUB is a perfect way to learn about the coaching process before taking the step to one-to-one coaching.

Generate business wealth

Business RICH

Switch the focus from working IN your business to ON your business with our BusinessRICH workshop. BusinessRICH is a 2-day group coaching workshop that introduces a variety of our proprietary business building systems and strategies to business owners that help generate real wealth.

90-day Action Plan

Growth CLUB

GrowthCLUB is our highly-focused and effective one-day workshop that gives business owners a chance to create an action plan.

GrowthCLUB members meet every quarter to develop 90-day action plans that are aligned with their companies overall goals and vision and provides an environment to share ideas with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Improve Business Productivity

Planning CLUB

PlanningCLUB is a facilitated  planning process where our clients build their business plan through a simple, effective process. The result is a professional business plan that includes everything from strategy to action steps specifically designed to improve business functions  - streamlining the hiring process, reducing staff turnover, building a great team and customizing training, as well as increasing profits, sales and customer services. You will gain understanding into personalities, learning styles and behavioural traits, making business management easier and more productive.

Strengthen Strategic Capability

Action BOARD

An Advisory Board may sound as if it is only reserved for big businesses, but this is certainly not the case. Every business can benefit from a group of advisors.

Less than 1% of the leaders of Small to Medium Businesses have advisory boards they can turn to in times of need. The ActionBOARD program combines ActionCOACH's commitment to educating business owners with the benefits of having your own advisory board. This program provides an exceptional opportunity for you to grow your business.

An ActionBOARD is a group of highly-skilled, select people who are retained for the sole purpose of providing strategic advice. They are not substitutes for statutory boards of directors, nor do they have authority over the governance of the organization. However, they do support business owners and management teams by providing expert insight, business contacts and market access. The ActionBOARD program is specifically designed for owners and professionals to grow their business skills and their businesses.

Thought without action is a dream...get in touch NOW and we will respond to as quickly as possible to meet your needs. Our coaches are passionate about helping you reach your goals!

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